A few more days in the hospital …

Dear friends,

Uncle Dan & Alex

Uncle Dan and Alex, smiling in spite of the central line and multiple other IVs & old IV sites. Dan had to fly back to Denver last night (Sun), and we will definitely miss him!

Yesterday and today were plenty tough, mostly with managing Alex’s pain, agitation, independence and self-sufficiency. She really wants to do everything she used to do – reading, writing, time on her laptop and Nintendo DSi, not to mention walking and using the restroom on her own. So I think the hardest part of everything has been the fear and frustration of being disabled … although her doctors are telling us that they are still expecting a full recovery.

Today we had visits from all the main physical therapy doctors, did some special exercises and began talking about the 3-4 weeks of in-patient rehab that Alex will need. And we’re looking at possibilities both in Jacksonville and in Tampa since nothing like that is available in the Orlando area.

Tomorrow we have an EEG scheduled for 6:30am, so we’re trying to get to bed early … and then we’re hoping to have this hospital stay wrapped up by sometime on Wednesday. :)

Again, thank you so much for your prayers and concern. I really don’t think we could survive without the support of so many like you.

- Andy

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  • Wilma

    Alex looks absolutely beautiful. We are keeping you in our prayers here in West Virginia. I hope the rehab plan goes well. Our Rachel, along with her family, was here over the weekend for spring break. Patrick and Jennifer are in Boston for Patrick’s check-up. I know Rachel will be glad to see Alex when they get home. Take care.

    Wilma Hatcher