Alex’s EEG today

Yep, Alex is doing VERY well … walking without a cane, talking more smoothly all the time, determined to get herself back to “normal”.

Alex was supposed to fall asleep during this morning's routine EEG, but looks pretty awake! Good thing they're turning the lights off ... (she did just fine)

Here’s a photo of Alexandria at Pediatric Neurology, bright and early this morning for a sleep-deprived (on purpose) EEG.

She has still had NO SEIZURES since the surgery (PTL), and we’ve been allowed to reduce the less-active of 2 medications down to where she doesn’t have to take that one anymore at all! :)

Alex will be starting 7th grade in about a week, and apart from the physical and verbal limitations, the only thing that concerns us is that she still has some “twitching” sensations in the same places she used to have before the onset of a seizure. And she has also had a few “auras” at night where she feels a seizure coming on, but then it goes away. So we’re very encouraged by her recovery …and hope she will eventually even be off of her main anti-seizure medication Trileptol and still without seizures! :)