A long overdue update

(posted by Kristi Corley)

For those of you that have followed Alex’s blog page, I deeply appologize for the extreme delay in updating you on Alex’s improvements.  It truly is exciting news.  Alex has been doing WONDERFUL since her surgery.  There were no complications with implanting the VNS Therapy device, and the healing process went rather quickly… she was back in school by Monday, just 4 days later!  At her 2 week check up we were pleased to report that she had had only 1 known seizure total!  Can  you believe it, going from daily sleeping seizures and unpredictable spells for days on end with 3-4 awake seizures … to ONE seizure in two weeks! And now, it has been 2 months and still only the one seizure.  WOW!

Alex’s VNS device was turned on at a very low “mini-amperage”, and over the next 2 months, the doctors will slightly increase the level to a normal operating level.  We will continue to visit the doctors office every two week over the next 2 months and begin eliminating her seizure medicine.

We are already seeing remarkable improvements in Alex.  Besides the obvious near elimination of her seizures (yeah!!), Alex is already showing huge improvements in her speed of speech, memory, vocabulary, and performance at school.

Thank you for all of your prayers and concern for Alexandria.  We deeply appreciate you.  If it ever takes 6 weeks to update you on Alex again… gently remind us to get on the ball!!!!! :)