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Airsick bags not needed :)

(posted by Andy Corley)

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying last week! In an e-mail to everyone, I shared that we were dealing with a nasty flu in our family while getting on planes to fly to Iowa and Colorado. But no airsick bags were necessary. :)

Kristi & the kids enjoyed spending time in Iowa with her family surrounding the passing of her gramma, while I got to stay with two different brothers in Denver & Colorado Springs and celebrate brother Ben & Amanda’s wedding reception with a whole crowd of family.

It was really good to spend time with our families and re-connect in new ways — and our prayers that the flu would not spread any further were answered, too! So thanks for your help to make last weekend enjoyable for everyone!


Prayer please, and maybe some airsick bags?

(posted by Andy Corley)

Friends, just a quick update for you from the Corleys in Florida …

Good news is that Alexandria’s seizures have been fairly nonexistent lately (ptl!) And her health insurance is now covering 100% of all pediatric neurology visits & meds … and at the most recent visit last week we even found out that her future hand surgeries are very do-able soon & within this insurance network, too! :)

The bad news is that the stomach flu has been passing from person to person through our family this week. We thought we were done with it until Alex started complaining this afternoon.

This is a huge concern because Kristi & all 3 kids will be flying to Iowa tomorrow afternoon to mourn the passing of Kristi’s gramma.

And Andy is scheduled to fly to Denver the next day (Thursday) to celebrate brother Ben & his new bride’s wedding reception.

So we need your prayers please …

… for quick healing and no further spread of the flu
… for safe and uncomplicated travel
… for an emotionally healthy weekend, both in Iowa & in Colorado

Thank you! And may you be blessed with joy and fruitfulness as we enter into the wonderful season of Spring. :)

Andy Corley

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