Having a good summer

(posted by Kristi Corley)

For the most part, Alex has had a pretty good summer.  We took a 3 week trip to visit family.  I was a bit worried as she usually does not do very well on trips.  The beginning of our trip was alittle rough as we all had a bout with the flu, but once that past, she had a great summer.

Upon returning home, Alex had a doctor appointment for an increase to her VNS device.  The doctor asked me if I thought the VNS was working, and I honestly admitted that I didn’t know.  I reminded him how it worked so amazingly well for the first few months and then she just went downhill quickly (in June).

To my surprise and then excitement, the doctor explained that Alex is actually following the pattern of the test patients and that every way that she has responded shows that she is right on track! Apparently, almost all VNS patients show little result after the first few month, but then they have another major breakthrough at about the one-year mark.

So we’re happy with how Alex is doing now, and we’re hoping to see even more improvement in the Spring of 2007 — maybe we’ll even be able to reduce medications more then??? Let’s pray for that. :-)