Post-op update from the hospital (for Alexandria)

Dear friends,

Thank you all so much for your prayers … here’s an update.

We were glad that Alex was able to sleep at least 5 hrs last night (between a CT scan and an MRI), but throughout the evening after surgery and then most of the day today have been very difficult.

In addition to the normal disorientation from coming off of anesthesia, Alexandria (and Kristi and I) have been fighting fear as we realized that her right side was definitely weaker – and for the first couple hours she couldn’t move her right arm or leg at all or feel her lips and right cheek – and all of that was being communicated by frustrated gestures alone because of the (normal) brain swelling that has frustrated her speech abilities.

Alex is sleeping now, because we’ve had visits from neurologists, physical and speech therapists, various other doctors, and our favorite music therapist throughout the day today. But we have been reassured that the small movements in Alex’s right foot, hand, neck and face – and her ability to say words like Mom, Dad, no, ya, aow and “ma” for milk – that all motor and speech abilities will return 100%, probably within the next 1-3 weeks.

Again, thank you for supporting us through this time, and – since we haven’t seen a seizure since Monday night – we look forward Alex continuing to be SEIZURE FREE from now on!

- Andy

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  • Carol_spahn

    Thanks, Andy, for the update. You have been in my heart and prayers these days. We continue to pray for total restoration. He is the God of restoration. He is the Healer and we all join in agreement. Whom have we in heaven but Him. He is enough. He is all and in all. All things are by Him and through Him and to Him.

    May God bless each of your family during this time, meeting the particular needs of each one of you! May His glory be displayed through all of you. Your words of faith and the confident knowing what He has and is leading you to choose to do.

    Have you ever listened to i-radio. The words and worshipful music is so very encouraging. May you be blest as you are held in the hollow of His hands these days. Love, carol spahn

  • Andy Corley

    Thanks, Carol. Those are very encouraging words, and I will definitely check
    out the music web site you mentioned. :)

    – Andy