Seizures winding down?

(posted by Andy Corley)

Just so you know, Kristi and I have been reluctant to make any changes in Alex’s anti-seizure treatment since the increased seizure activity seemed directly related to the day or two that she was without medicine. So we’ve struggled through the seizures while keeping her on the full regiment of anti-seizure medications as well as being very careful to use the VNS implant and activation device as we’ve been instructed.

All that to say that IT MUST BE WORKING!

Yesterday (Monday), Alex did have a number of seizures, but they didn’t start until after 2pm (whereas they had been starting as early as 10am recently). So we had hopes that Alex’s seizure activity was starting to settle down again.

And then today, Alex went all day with NO SEIZURES!
Prise the Lord!
… and thank YOU so much for praying!