VNS Procedure will be done

Alex’s appointment with the neuro-surgeon went very well.  After reading many pamphlets, watching an informational DVD, and the thorough appointment this last week, we are certain that we should go forward with the VNS Therapy procedure.

Alex’s surgery is next Thursday, the 23rd, at 10:00am.  We are able to have it done here in Orlando and insurance should be covering all expenses!  It is an out-patient procedure that should only take an hour and then she will be able to go home that same day.  The doc said that she should be able to go back to school on Monday!

She has been doing really good these last few weeks… I am really excited at the possibility of Alex totally being off of her seizure medicine and remaining seizure free… it is hard to wrap my mind around!  During the dr. appt, the surgeon was very positive and encouraged that we can predict the majority of her seizures (her sleeping seizures) and that we will be able to closely monitor her to see if those seizures are eliminated.  He said that the success rate is now 80% and is more and more favorable in seizure patients.