What’s going on?

Drew, Andy, Kaitlyn and Alex

Dear friends & family,

You’re not alone in wondering what’s happening with the Corley family. Over the past number of months, I’ve heard both encouraging words and concerned requests from so many people … and now I’m finally able to give you a better picture of what our family has been going through this past year.

Since February 1st of this year, New Tribes Mission has graciously allowed a six-month sabbatical from full-time ministry so we can focus on two issues: 1) our marriage relationship and 2) the stability of our finances. These have both been growing concerns over the past five years or more. But it was only since May of last year that everything really started unraveling. And by November we had reached a stress level where divorce and bankruptcy were, for the first time ever, considered to be viable options.


After spending a weekend at home talking about issues and options, Kristi and I decided to begin going to marital counseling to hear from somebody else what our options might be. We thought there were only two options: either 1) accepting what seemed inevitable and just getting a divorce, or 2) maybe somehow trudging through incredible barriers to see our marriage restored. But our counselor offered a third option: a “biblical separation.”

So we spent December planning how to separate our activities, our parenting, our finances, our expectations … and then we officially began that journey the first week of January. And I can say that this by far has been the most confusing and painful time of my life! But it has also been the most transforming months of my life.

As Kristi moved into an apartment and we started sharing “custody” of the kids each week, budgets that were already operating at bare-bones levels went dramatically in the red and both Kristi and I began working part-time, freelance and even night-shift jobs to cover the extra expenses … while also remaining available as a consultant for New Tribes, to continue validating monthly financial support from churches, families and individuals around the country.

And while it’s been frustrating to try and assign meaning and purpose to all the pain and struggles, what I’ve found to be most true is that God doesn’t waste anything. Every tension, every anxiety, every tragedy, every blessing … they all are pointing to a God who became flesh and experienced the same — and so much more — to show without a doubt that intimacy with the Father, through the Son, lived out in the Spirit, is the only life worth living.

So that brings us to now. After more than seven months of semi-weekly counseling, six months of separation, and five months of sabbatical “rest” … Kristi and I, the NTM Personnel Office, and our counselor are all in agreement that full-time ministry is a thing of the past. And even our future as a unified family is outside of our control right now. And that’s why we’ve decided to resign from NTM at the end of the six-month sabbatical, on July 31st.

New Tribes has graciously offered to continue processing financial gifts until the end of July, and those finances will go — as they have all along — to support our family’s logistical needs so that I can help support the technical needs of NTM worldwide. This last month and even into the future, I’d like to continue helping the NTM Communications offices — especially with all the many website projects that are showing great promise for the future of global missions.

Drew, Kristi, Kaitlyn and Alex

But by far the most important focus that I have right now is on the needs of my family — Kristi and our three kids. We are all healthy, and even Alexandria’s seizures are totally under control! But there is still so much going on under the surface.

As of June 22nd, I accepted a full-time, salaried position as the “Database Administrator / Data Center Coordinator” of the Catholic Foundation of Central Florida, based out of downtown Orlando. And Kristi began working nights as a professional nanny and infant care-giver. These jobs allow the kids to spend time with both of us each day through the summer (days with Kristi and evenings/nights with me) … so I am very grateful for how well that schedule is working out.

We still have no idea of how things will be in the Fall … but we are planning to keep all three kids at NTM’s co-op, K-through-8 school in Sanford. We’ve just been so amazed by the quality of Christian education and care that each of our three children have received over the past four years at this school.

If you’ve been on our mailing list for very long, you know how grateful we are for your prayers and support. And I really hope we can stay in touch in the future, too. I’ve included our main contact information below so we can do just that if you would like. Please feel free to send us a message any time!

And may God truly bless you beyond all you can think or imagine.

Andy Corley
for Kristi, Alexandria, Drew and Kaitlyn

Andy’s cell: 407-415-4744 email: corleyman@gmail.com
Kristi’s cell: 321-696-3962 email: corley.girl@gmail.com