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Kristi: “Alex had approximately 13 seizures yesterday during her 24-hr stay.”

Seizure successfully documented in first EEG session

Alex: “My seizures are getting worse.”

Good to be home! (well, not all of us)

Oh, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be at home! The only thing that would be better is if Alex and Kristi could be here with me – and here with Drew and Kaitlyn.

After talking with doctors and finding out that insurance would cover the physical therapy and speech therapy that Alexandria needs — at Brooks in Jacksonville, the second largest inpatient rehabilitation hospital in the US — we requested the transfer and were granted an official transport around noon today! (Thursday)

The plan is for Kristi to be with Alex in her room on weekdays across the next 3-4 weeks, Kristi’s sister Lori will pick Drew & Kaitlyn up from school each weekday and bring them home (Lori lives in the apartment behind our house), and I will work my normal day job in Orlando, see the kids in the evening, and then take everyone to Jacksonville (FL) on the weekends! Phew, how’s that for a plan?

Alex's first visitor in Jacksonville

Alex's first visitor in Jacksonville (a beautiful Yellow Lab service dog who lives at Brooks)

I’ve heard from Kristi and they are all settled into their room and ready to begin some intensive rehab starting tomorrow. And if all goes as expected, Alex should have a full recovery and return home walking and talking just like before, but with NO SEIZURES!!! :)

So please continue to pray first and foremost for Alex’s healing. And then pray for all the logistics and planning details for each day of each week over the next month or so. I definitely desire this to be a time of healing for Alexandria, but I also would love for it to be a time of mini-vacations for our whole family as we go to Jacksonville each weekend. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch … but if you know of any good activities or family adventures to be had in Jacksonville, please let me know!

Thanks so much for being a part of this “event” and for praying. You are definitely making a difference!

- Andy

More updates on Facebook:

Happy New Year!

Dr. Ron Davis of Pediatric Neurology, PA

Dr. Ron Davis of Pediatric Neurology, PA

I know, it’s been a long time. So here’s a quick update on what’s going on with Alex.

We talked to Alexandria’s doctors last month and found out their new, advanced brain-scanning and monitoring equipment had not yet been installed at Arnold-Palmer Hospital. So that’s the main hold-up. But we weren’t too disappointed with that news because given us some time to just enjoy the holidays. :)

So for now, we’re just waiting for Alex’s next appointment in couple weeks to find out what new time-line Dr. Davis and Dr. Pattisapu would like to follow. And in meantime, Alex will continue taking her anti-seizure medication three times day — and pray that seizures remain mostly under control.

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Look who visited Alex today!

Pluto provided a good distraction while Alex needed a new IV.

Pluto provided a good distraction while Alex needed a new IV.

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